Canada’s Watching (You)

Canada is watching you

I’m used to hearing news about the U.S. government spying on its country, but here in Canada? No, that would never happen… Guess I was wrong. Canada’s privacy watchdog is pointing a finger at Ottawa, claiming government officials are using social media to spy on all of us—for no reason at all.

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You Are What You “Like”

You Are What You Like

By now most of you are security conscious. You know what to click, what not to, and have your Facebook profiles locked down—leaving all your personal info visible to just your friends (right?). Status updates, wall posts, photos, who your friends are—all of that info is safe. But when it comes to “liking” something, that’s a whole different story. Likes are public. You’d be surprised to know there’s more info about you out there than you’d care to, well—like.

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Yahoo Voice hacked, 450,000 passwords leaked/posted


Do you use Yahoo Voice? If so, you’ll be happy to know that your login info – both email and password – could have been one of the 450,000 accounts that got hacked and posted online this morning. Yahoooooo!….. No, that’s not a good thing. It’s time to change your password.

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Google Drive Hits Roadblock Over Privacy


Google Drive has arrived and people all over are taking the new cloud storage service out for a spin. While an issue over converting your files into Google Docs format to work on them is a slight bump in the road, there is one major roadblock— the terms of service.

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Google Chrome Got Pwned


Google has always cared about the security of your web browsing in Chrome. They’ve even dared the public to try and crack their browser in a contest. After years of unsuccessful attempts hackers got in. Chrome got pwned* — for the first time! Twice.

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Deleting A Facebook Photo—That’s What You Think…


We’ve all had some embarrassing photos posted to Facebook (or had them posted by others). If caught quickly enough and deleted, everything is good, right? Wrong. The photos are still there and can be accessed through the original direct URL links. Facebook has known about this for three years. Oops?

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Google’s 7 Security Goals For Chrome


In a perfect world, when it comes to browsers, safety should be your first concern above all else. Of course the world is not perfect and many of us choose our browser for a number of other reasons, sacrificing safety. Silly people. Google understands this though. Yesterday they released their 7 security goals for making Chrome safe while giving you all of the goodies you want. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

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