3 Ways XP Still Outweighs Windows 7 (For Some)

By Ryan Majeau | Posted September 9th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

I’m still shocked when I see a computer still running Windows XP. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the OS – but was quick to jump on Vista when it released—stupid mistake. Vista’s failure made me jump even quicker onto Windows 7 right out of the gate. Since then I haven’t looked back. I love it.

I know, I know. A program software upgrade is one thing, an entire Operating Sytem upgrade is another. I get that. I also get that despite my love for Windows 7 there are still some good reasons to stick with the tried, tested & true.

1. “XP works, why mess with that?”
Many IT support workers know XP inside and out—like the back of their hand—and can get the OS to do whatever they want it to. Troubleshooting IT support tickets can be done blindfolded. A new OS means a learning curve and increased IT support turnaround times.

2. “Windows 7 is just XP with flashy graphics”
An upgrade means either installing new video cards and RAM into all the machines or else just turning off all the Aero graphics—making it look just like XP anyways.

3. “Our software is not compatible with Windows 7” 
If software your company uses and relies on is not compatible with Windows 7 then an upgrade in OS means upgrade software too. In some cases companies would actually have to buy software—Microsoft SteadyState was free and then wasn’t supported on Windows 7 at all. Regardless, it pretty much breaks down to cost.

All very good reasons, but are they enough to stay off the Windows 7 bandwagon? Maybe so—for now. You’re going to have to upgrade at some point whether you like it or not though. Microsoft is still supporting XP Service Pack 3, but that support isn’t going to last forever.

Has your company made the upgrade yet? If not, what’s holding you back?