Ryan Majeau

Well hello, I’m Ryan Majeau—a Graphic/Web Designer, Web Developer, and Blogger,based in downtown Vancouver, BC.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work. This site is an archive to showcase *almost* everything I’ve done in the last 14 years of my career. It’s been quite the ride so far, with plenty of more surprises along the way, I’m sure.


Growing up in Edmonton, AB, I was always destined to end up with some sort of career in creativity. I was always the kid that was “good at art.” I’d spend countless hours drawing and sketching—usually Marvel comic characters, or some of my own creations.

Now how to make a career out “good at art”? Well I ended up in the design program at the University of Alberta to find out. For 4 years I focused more on industrial design—3D modelling, rendering, and actually building furniture or products—only to realize at the end of it all that graphic design was my real passion. C’est la vie?

The next few years were a crash course in graphic design, with all sorts of real-world hands-on experience. Most of my work was for print, and I designed for  every sort of media under that umbrella. Once I finally ventured into web design, I ended up getting seduced by a simple javascript dropdown menu—to the point  I was compelled to teach myself HTML. I had to be able to build my own sites. My career as a coder was born.

With experience under my belt, I took my show on the road and migrated to Vancouver in 2005. In the decade or so since, my graphic design skills have continued to evolve, but as the world has moved more online, so has my career. With the rise of social media, I had a brief foray into content marketing and social media management. Spent a good couple of years writing blog articles chalk full of SEO goodness, both for work and my own amusement. My conversational writing style is ideal for online copy.

In the last few years now I’ve really been focusing on responsive design/development, utilizing the magic of WordPress and the Bootstrap framework to do my bidding. While websites, landing pages, and emails may occupy a lot of my time, the door on print media is still alive and kicking. I still regularly produce event promo packages for a couple sports bars that have both digital and print assets. 🙂

I’m always up for new challenges. If you have any projects or opportunities that you think I could be of use on, please send me a message. We can go from there!