A Windowless Windows—Coming To A PC Near You

By Ryan Majeau | Posted September 13th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Microsoft’s BUILD conference is underway today, and news is flooding the web about Windows 8. We already heard that the ribbon is coming, but with today’s news all the rumors about a touch-friendly interface were made a reality. Goodbye Start menu. Hello app tiles! Windows 8 apps will also run borderless, making them, well Windowless.

If you’re one of the few cell phone users that opt for a Windows phone then you’re familiar with the Metro OS. That means you’re already one step closer to being familiar with Windows 8. Not just the look but the entire guts of it. Microsoft is out to make one OS to rule them all. With the tablet market heating up—sorry, with the iPad market heating up— I can see why Windows wants to take aim at that market share. PC sales are down. You go big or you go home, and in this case you go touch or you go home.

I’m sorry, when I think Windows I picture a keyboard and mouse (or at the very least that silly trackpad thing that laptops use. I had a laptop once. The trackpad, not so much. I need a mouse). Don’t get me wrong – I love using a tablet (iPad) for a number of different things. But when I need to work all day, a physical keyboard and mouse is the only way to go. Bring on the carpal tunnel!

While I may boast of having a command center of monitors, they are nowhere near set up to give me a Minority Report set up.  Maybe one day, but by then I’m sure the carpal tunnel will have already set in too much.

What do you think of Microsoft’s intentions? Is touch the way to go?