Breach Me Once, Shame On You. Breach Me Twice, Shame On Citigroup

By Ryan Majeau | Posted August 12th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Looks like it’s happened again. Citigroup reports its second data breach in four months. This time a supplier managed to get a copy of their Japan customer list, compromising almost 100,000 cards. Last spring Citibank announced that 1% of all North American credit cards were compromised by a cyber attack. That time over 200,000 customer accounts exposed.

Citigroup says no credit card security codes and PINS were published this time around, but both personal and financial customer data were still stolen. This is hardly comforting to those affected as their stolen info can still be used by cyber criminals for future phishing scams.

After being hit once you’d think the necessary steps would have been taken to ensure a repeat performance wouldn’t happen. This shows how aggressive cyber warfare is becoming today. Once a vulnerably is exposed in a company, hackers pounce—the prey is vulnerable. Sony faced this same issue with its PlayStation network this year.

The best way to avoid this fate is to make sure you’re protected from the start. How confident are you with yoursecurity strategy?