Everyone’s Got Somethin’ To Say!

By Ryan Majeau | Posted in my blog for

I came here to read the commentsSeriously, the majority of posts I see these days pale in comparison to the comments section, which is way more entertaining than the article itself! Right?

Ever since Facebook enabled comments to posts on its site, commenting on anything has become a staple all over the interwebs. If it’s posted, people can add their two cents to it. Just because something can be commented on though, doesn’t mean you should.

When it comes to comments, the gloves come off. People come out of the woodwork so share their opinions! Some come due to the web’s anonymity, others are directly linked to a Facebook profile (or other). Some comments are good, some are bad. Rather, most are bad.

I get it. I’m not stupid. This blog alone is my outlet when I have something to say. Some of my posts have useful info, some don’t. I’m just bitching. I admit that the majority of my Twitter use is just to complain about something so I can call out the offender with their Twitter handle. They’ll hear it, and so will the world. Since I’ve got something to say, everyone should hear it. Ya, no.

A few friends shared a Facebook post that Rosie was coming back to The View. Like any cat, I was curious. I clicked on the article to read more. Yup, Rosie’s back. Oh look, comments!

“Won’t be watching the view anymore if she’s coming back”

“That makes sure I won’t watch”

“Keep that fat load mouth bitch off any show!”

“Don’t watch it anyway, and now certainly won’t!!”

Um. So if you don’t even watch it, why are you even part of this conversation? Why did you feel the need to voice your opinion? Do you think your comment is going to bother the producers of the View so much that they’ll take back their offer? I doubt it. Then why do it? Oh, just because you can!

On the flip side, comments aren’t always bad. Some are good—a little too good. As a long-term Shania fan, I was excited to hear about how her shows at the Calgary Stampede went earlier this month (the first non Vegas residency shows she’s performed in billions of years).

Pics on her Facebook page had the usual bad comments (what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas), but some good ones too. Comments from fans introducing themselves to her, asking personal questions, telling her stories of their lives, asking for advice on troubling matters at home, or offering wholehearted loving statements of the impact she’s had on their lives (and no, I was not one of them).

FYI, Shania isn’t on her phone. She’s not ready, willing, and able to both A) read every comment, and B) respond to everyone. It’s probably not even her ON her phone, rather a rep doing it all. Why are you putting this on the web?

What else causes a lot of comments? Grammar. Every time. Hands down. I don’t claim to have a degree in grammar. I write like I talk and sometimes I make mistakes. Who doesn’t?

Misplaced or missing commas here, made up words there. Who cares? Some people apparently. Complete strangers who felt it was their “duty” to correct me have called me on it a couple of times. Some from the other side of the globe!

If that’s your duty, you must be exhausted trying to rid the internet of bad grammar… It’s not like I mixed up you’re/your. That’ll get you some feedback!

I commented once on a Suits promo video with Donna saying “she needs to be my BFF forever!” and the extra F was enough to gain over a dozen comments, stemming from “you DO know what BFF means, right?” Oh, so sorry. Thanks for pointing out the extra F. You know what? F you.

Everyone’s got something to say, so watch what you post when commenting. Sure you might have your two cents. You may have a quarter, a dollar, hell even a roll of hundreds—the point is, watch what you do with it.