Goodbye Android Market, It’s Time To Google Play

By Ryan Majeau | Posted March 6th, 2012 in Faronics blogs for

It seems like Google’s in a merging mood these days. The same way that the search giant merged all of your various Google accounts under one profile at the start of the month, now it’s doing the same thing to more of its services. The Android app store, Google Music and Google eBookstore became one big cloud based service today—the Google Play Store.

This is just another way that Google is trying to streamline its services to serve you better. The merge allows you to enjoy all of your music, movies and books on all of your various devices. Nothing is really changing except the unified branding. A new logo, a new website address—but the user experience you’ve come to know and love from the Android Market is still the same.

The main goal is to make you feel like all of your media is in one place. The concept isn’t revolutionary. Apple’s iCloud has been doing it for months. Google Play is clearly in direct to response to that. Plus with the latest announcement of a cloud based storage solution (Google Drive) on the way, unifying all of these services under one name is a smart move. Too many brands is confusing!

So don’t get shocked when you hit the Android Market and find yourself staring at a multicolored rainbow triangle. You’re in the right place. Play!