How Did You Get My Phone Number? Thanks Facebook…

By Ryan Majeau | Posted August 12th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

We’ve all befriended high school friends and other mere acquaintances on Facebook (you’re lying if you haven’t). There’s a reason you haven’t stayed in direct contact but the nature of Facebook seems to blur that line.

Imagine the surprise to all of a sudden get a text message or phone call from one of these acquaintances?

This week a viral message has been spreading on the popular social network stating “Warning to ALL!!! ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS IN YOUR PHONE are now on Facebook!’

Facebook denies this is a scam, but unlike other scams recently circulated this ‘warning’ is in fact actually true. This feature is nothing new though. If you recently installed the Facebook app on your smartphone and checked the option to ‘sync your phone contacts with Facebook’ then you gave out your number to your friends. This option has been around for awhile.

While many aren’t sure what spawned this latest viral message all of a sudden— maybe because of the new Facebook messenger app that launched this week?—the message still strikes close to home. With all of the privacy concerns tied to Facebook recently, this latest warning ties right into it.

The best way to protect your privacy on Facebook is still ultimately to keep it to yourself. If you don’t want people to know it, don’t post it. Just because there is an input box in your profile settings for something doesn’t mean you have to fill it in.

If you’re worried about this latest concern, you can correct it. To delete your phone number just go to Edit Profile. On the left click click Contact Information and under Phones simply remove your number. Save Changes. You’re welcome!