It’s iOS5/iPhone5 Eve!

By Ryan Majeau | Posted October 3rd, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Tomorrow is finally the day. Apple will lift the curtain on the iPhone 5 at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. The world has been waiting *somewhat* patiently for months now. All our hopes and dreams will be settled tomorrow. Will we be left satisfied, unfulfilled or just plain angry for waiting so long?

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. What will Santa bring? In this case, Apple. I will most likely be awake all night anyways but it actually won’t be due to anticipation. But I can say it is!

If anything I’ll be glad to finally get rid of all of the rumor posts each and every day. Will there be a 4S, just a 5, or both? Will the design change, will it be the same? Maybe there’s an assistant that won’t be able to bring you coffee but will make your life easier, even if you mumble or talk as fast as I do? Who knows.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point as there seriously have been way too many rumors. They’ve been propagating like crazy. If you’re one of the lucky iPhone 4 owners, it’s good to know at least 50% of you will upgrade to the 5. I know I will! Why? Because it was some great kool-aid I drank.

We’ll all know tomorrow. Not just about the latest and greatest hardware but finally when we can all reap the benefits of iOS5. GPS based reminders?? Yes please!