It’s The End Of The World – Every Day

By Ryan Majeau | Posted December 31st, 2011 in Faronics blogs, featured for

There’s never a dull moment when you work in IT Support. You’re always saving the world from imminent destruction! At least that’s what it seems like based on how people react to their IT problems.

The printer isn’t printing and I have a meeting in 15 minutes! My spacebar won’t work! Powerpoint keeps crashing every time I add in a pie chart! What do you mean there are no laptops available?! I can’t send emails! Why isn’t this fixed? I need this NOW!

No matter how small the problem is, no matter how easy the fix is, you may as well be preventing an all out war with invading mutant killer aliens from a distant nebula. Okay, most IT support tickets might not be ‘killer’, but some of the problems you face are pretty mutant. Some do act like they are from a galaxy far, far away. What about that Mebromi Trojan?! Definitely from Dimension X.

Not all issues are as messy as that though. Many solutions are as easy as simply plugging in the printer. How many times has that been the solution?? You even put up a sign to remind people to check that first but it keeps getting covered up with that monthly company newsletter from Joan (with that kitty cat again).

No one really gets what you go through day in and day out. You keep the sun setting every night and rising just the same the next morning. You give them the ability to insert pie charts again into Powerpoint without them ever knowing the epic fight to the death you had with the ribbon. They can send emails again and will never see the scars you got from the crusade to plug back in their Ethernet cord.

For all you do, I commend you. For everyone else out there, show your IT team some love. They really are super heroes.