Keep Trying, Keep Waiting — Error 3200!

By Ryan Majeau | Posted October 12th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Looks like downloading the iOS5 update is not what’s making people wait. It’s the install. If you were one of the lucky ones that got a quick and easy upgrade to iOS5, congrats! I was one of the not-so-lucky ones that got the “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3200)” message. Six times.

I’m not the only one reporting the issue either. While I sat and watched the progress bar not progress, my fingers crossed, I turned to Google to troubleshoot the error. I found many others frantically trying to solve the problem too. That error code isn’t even listed in the More Info link that the error window gives. Not very helpful.

The worst part is painfully sitting through the long backing up process over and over again. Along with the non-progressing progress bar that stalls at 6% for 10 minutes only to finally zoom up to completion. Then you get the error. Denied!

It turns out the error means Apple’s servers are busy. Shocking. I think it has to do with having more than one iOS device plugged in. Just my theory. You just have to have patience. Keep trying, and enjoy the progress bar animation.

The Wednesday waiting game continues…