May The Fourth Be With You

By Ryan Majeau | Posted May 4th, 2012 in Faronics blogs for

Spring is in the air, May has arrived and it’s filled with all sorts of significant days. The month kicked off with May Day (May 1st), soon followed by Cinco de Mayo (May 5th). But today has its own special meaning. To political buffs, May the 4th may mean one thing, but today is about something bigger than politics. Today is Star Wars Day!

That’s right, today’s pun is brought to you by George Lucas’ iconic movie franchise, Star Wars. The play on words is all about the famous quote from the series, “May the Force be with you.” Sci-fi enthusiasts around the world celebrate today in tribute to the beloved movies!

The recent convergence of the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation cast at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo last week was something to keep me up at night (and it did, watching the 5 YouTube videos of footage from the panel). Today’s importance, not so much for me. But that’s me. Today’s tribute holds a special place in the hearts of millions of other sci-fi fans worldwide!

Don’t be surprised if you file an IT support ticket today only to have a Jedi Knight, Storm Trooper, Wookie or Sith Lord come to fix it. You have nothing to fear, unless your computer habits have crossed over to the dark side… Then trouble in you are!

Fans (at least the hardcore ones) generally don their best costumes today to pay tribute. Many get together with friends to watch the original trilogy (something easier this year with the 4th landing on a Friday). I’m sure some may watch the prequels, but those really were horrible—I have no intention of ever seeing Jar-Jar Binks ever again. Ever.

To those who shy away from Ewoks and Jedis, you can still celebrate May the 4th. The day/phrase actually dates back to 1979 in Britain—rooted in politics. Margaret Thatcher’s party took out a newspaper ad today to congratulate her win as Britain’s first woman prime minister, stating “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” She must have used the Force!

Anyways, Happy Friday to all—and May the 4th be with you.

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