Security Bulletin: Microsoft Patch Tuesday October 11th, 2011

By Ryan Majeau | Posted October 11th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Patch Tuesday? Again already? Yup, it sure is! And no, Microsoft hasn’t decided to start using an almost daily update schedule like Adobe has for Flash and Acrobat. Don’t worry, it has in fact been a month (I checked). Get patching!

This month 23 holes get patched up from the eight security bulletins Microsoft issued. This month we have two holes that get the highest rating of “critical” and six labeled “important” fixes. All holes should still patched up as soon as possible, regardless of the rating.

If left open the holes leave you vulnerable to as drive-by downloads (or drive-by installs). Simply put, if cyber criminals try hard enough they can use the holes to install malicious software to your computer. You think you’re just innocently browsing the net (like always)? You could be getting infected too, without you knowing. Scary? Yes—patch the holes!

The software included in today’s patches include Internet Explorer, Silverlight, .Net, Forefront UAS and Microsoft Host Integration Server. For more info check out Microsoft’s announcement here:  Security Bulletin: Microsoft October Patch Tuesday