The Age Of Entitlement

By Ryan Majeau | Posted in my blog for

The Age Of Entitlement“You have to love yourself before you can love others”

We’ve all heard this before. We’re all unique and special. If we’re good enough, smart enough, well then gosh darnit people will like us! Ah the good ‘ol days… Now thanks to modern technology, that way of thinking is getting amplified—and the results aren’t pretty. You might feel the effects in your life now, but imagine growing up engulfed in it?

We’re all guilty. This “want now, get now” way of life makes anyone feel anything can be theirs without doing anything to earn it. We deserve everything. If we’re used to getting everything we want right away, what happens when we can’t? Waiting leads to impatience, impatience leads to anger, and you know what anger leads to… From the dark side comes narcissism, and that’s the real problem.

Did your kid get a bad grade in school? It’s the teacher’s fault, get the teacher fired! Don’t like what your kids are being taught? Write them a note and exempt them. Hell, get the subject pulled from class altogether! Don’t want your kid going to that music concert? Protest and get it cancelled—for everyone! Allergic to nuts? Well now peanut butter is forbidden everywhere. The world revolves around you and everyone should accommodate that. That’s…normal?

Add social media into the mix and narcissism gets exacerbated to levels many don’t even understand. No one bothers to think of the ramifications of posting both good or bad things to Facebook. They’re just too busy thinking of themselves. I’m so great, or that person’s so stupid. No wonder bullying is getting so bad these days. When I was bullied in school it ended when I got home. Now kids that get bullied can get tormented 24/7. I’m glad I’m not growing up now—things do get better, but wow.

People spend hours watching reality shows on TV. Their whole premise is all about narcissism. The characters are always caught up in who they are, that’s where the entertainment value comes from. I watch House Hunters and can’t stop swearing at the idiots who expect extreme luxury for what little money they have. You may want 3 bedrooms, granite counter-tops and hardwood floors, but I’m sorry honey, a budget of $120K is not going to get you that in downtown New York. Don’t even get me started on Honey Boo Boo

Were we all taught wrong? No. But things have changed. Stop teaching your kids to love themselves and start teaching them to love others. If you love yourself too much then how will you ever have enough love to love others? Generation Me needs a wake up call. It’s not all about them. It’s about others. Seriously.