Twitter To Take Off With iOS Integration

By Ryan Majeau | Posted September 28th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

If you haven’t already heard, Apple is having a little press event on October 4. The ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event will no doubt focus just on the next iPhone hardware. One other key item you’re forgetting though is we’ll all learn when we can download iOS5!

Remember all of those cool features announced back in June that your current iOS device will be able to do? One feature that’s going to get some major usage once everyone upgrades is Twitter.

When the iPhone 3GS was released, its ability to take video stole the show. The 3G could do video too, but the software didn’t allow it. You could jailbreak the phone to enable video, but you’d be voiding Apple’s warranty and leaving yourself open to all sorts of mobile malware.

The 3GS let you do more than take video though. It let you share it easily. Not just by text or email, but directly to YouTube—with integration right into the OS. The result? Mobile uploads to YouTube increased 400% in the first week.

Twitter is the next player to get into the iOS club. Now it will be even easier for you to tell the world how good that sandwich you’re eating is or how annoying it is that people who can’t use self-checkouts continue to do so.

Plus with the camera button appearing right on the lock screen you’ll be able to point and shoot and tweet in a matter of seconds. Twitter is expecting the spike in usage, and has been upgrading its network for several months now. If you thought your feed was full before, get ready for a flood!

Think of how much fun Facebook integration would be?