Virus Scan? Time To Go For Lunch!

By Ryan Majeau | Posted October 25th, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

“Sure let’s grab lunch. My computer is doing a virus scan anyways so I can’t do anything for a couple of hours!”

At one time anti-virus software was able to keep up with the rate that viruses were being produced. Anti-virus worked effortlessly at keeping your computer safe, stopping anything that stood in the way. Nowadays? Not so much.

As the threat of viruses increased over the years anti-virus software had to keep up too. The problem though is the original software code that once worked wonders started to get overloaded with all of these new added on features. Email protection, firewalls, or internet monitoring arrived in new software editions with flashy names like Advanced Protection, Lockdown, or Complete 360°. Each new edition of the software may have protected you more, but each came with its own new batch of code bolted onto that same original framework.

The result? Slow and clunky anti-virus software. Sadly, most products out there are still being built this way—on what’s called “legacy code”. It’s like trying to keep an old car running without taking the old motor out and putting a new one in—a duct tape solution to a very big problem. It may protect you, but it wastes your time. May as well go for lunch!

Are you happy with your anti-virus?