Working On A Cloudless Afternoon

By Ryan Majeau | Posted January 5th, 2012 in Faronics blogs for

Sunny afternoons make it hard to work from inside the office, but I’m not talking about the lack of those clouds. Cloud computing is great in all its glory, allowing you to access your files from anywhere that there is internet access. But the key to that is having internet access. What happens when you don’t?

You don’t realize how much you use the web until you can’t. I had 6 programs open and all of them became useless without the web. Now what am I supposed to do?

It’s a little hard to edit the website when you can’t log on. No email is a given. I still clicked on Google Docs which was silly of me and for some reason I figured if I couldn’t work then I’d read some RSS news feeds. So silly.

No internet means ‘say goodbye to productivity’. Time is money. For many of you out there, every minute you’re not working means the company isn’t profiting. The cloud gives us so much but it becomes crucial to how we work. We can’t live without it.

At least when the internet goes down, many of you can pick up your smartphone and continue onward with your data plan. I did. Thanks to the cloud, all of my data can be accessed from my trusty sidekick. Of course, emails I send are much shorter. Many people may wish the web would go down more often! Not everyone has a smartphone at their disposal though. What do they do then?

Are we that useless without the web? Is it too tied in to our daily life? Everything is fun and games until someone loses the internet connection. It’s kind of scary.