An Apple Employee Walks Into A Bar…

By Ryan Majeau | Posted August 31st, 2011 in Faronics blogs for

Maybe you’ve heard that one? Where an Apple employee accidentally left an iPhone prototype in a bar? No, not the iPhone 4 incident. I’m talking about the Apple employee that left an iPhone 5 in a bar. No? Well you will. Looks like it happened again.

Last summer the iPhone 4 prototype was left in a bar in Redwood City, California, right before its design was to be made public. This year a new iPhone 5 prototype went missing at Cava22, a bar in San Francisco’s Mission District. CNET reported the exclusive story of how the prototype went missing late July and was then possibly sold on Craigslist for $200. After a frantic investigation, nothing has turned up—yet.

You’d think after Apple’s supposed embarrassment of last summer that there would have been some sort of security measures put in place to prevent employees from taking these phones into bars, let alone out of Apple HQ.

Unfortunately no pictures have been released and the phone hasn’t surfaced on any tech website to be dissected. So you’ll still have to wait. But just think of all of that time you wasted on scouring the net for rumors and pictures of the new designs. You just needed to wait patiently for an Apple employee to go for a pint or two after work one day.

I guess it’s too soon to speculate on whether new ‘leave the phone in a bar’ thing is just Apple’s new way of leaking designs or not. Two years in a row is a little too good to be true. Maybe Apple needed to give the phone’s release more hype following the big news of Steve Jobs stepping down last week? Who knows. The iPhone 5 will sell itself, I don’t see how leaving it in a bar right before launch is going to change that.