Don’t Shoot The Facebook Messenger, Just Yet

Facebook Messenger

The one thing social media is good for is spreading info like wildfire—whether it’s true or not. The latest scare to hit the web is over Facebook Messenger. From now on if you want to get Facebook messages on your phone, you need a separate app. That’s not the bad news. It’s the Terms and Service that are freaking people out. Is Facebook Messenger really as bad as everyone thinks?

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Canada’s Watching (You)

Canada is watching you

I’m used to hearing news about the U.S. government spying on its country, but here in Canada? No, that would never happen… Guess I was wrong. Canada’s privacy watchdog is pointing a finger at Ottawa, claiming government officials are using social media to spy on all of us—for no reason at all.

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What’s Your Porn Name?

What's Your Porn Name?

You’ve probably seen this joke make the rounds on Facebook a few times now. Take something like your mom’s maiden name, the street you grew up on, maybe the name of your first pet—put them together and what do you get? Your porn name! Hilarious, right? Wrong. Those same questions are the same ones many websites use for security to verify who you are. Oops?

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You Are What You “Like”

You Are What You Like

By now most of you are security conscious. You know what to click, what not to, and have your Facebook profiles locked down—leaving all your personal info visible to just your friends (right?). Status updates, wall posts, photos, who your friends are—all of that info is safe. But when it comes to “liking” something, that’s a whole different story. Likes are public. You’d be surprised to know there’s more info about you out there than you’d care to, well—like.

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You Call Those Security Questions?

lost wallet

Despite a 6 year streak of not losing my wallet, the ongoing craziness of 2013 has put that one to rest. Luckily there was no money in it (who has money in their wallets these days?), my debt you can have! As I’ve gone through the motions this week replacing things and adding credit alerts, I’m noting one scary trend. What’s up with the lack of secure “security questions”?!

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Google Drive Hits Roadblock Over Privacy

Google Drive has arrived and people all over are taking the new cloud storage service out for a spin. While an issue over converting your files into Google Docs format to work on them is a slight bump in the road, there is one major roadblock— the terms of service.

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The words “Google” and “change” have been pretty interchangeable these days. You think the change is over? It’s not. We haven’t seen anything yet. So much has changed that employees are even jumping ship—and not quietly. Is Google collapsing on itself and taking us down with it?

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Delete Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

On March 1, 2012 Google’s new and improved privacy policy comes into effect. All of your browsing habits and info will get dumped into a file labelled “all about you”. You can’t stop it, but you can impale it. Delete your browsing history. Now.

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“Dude, Where’s My App?”

We’ve all pocket-dialed someone at least once in our lives. Maybe been guilty of pocket-deleting an app or two. It’s no big deal, you just reinstall it. But what if it wasn’t you who deleted it? What if it was Google, Apple or Microsoft—using the “kill switch”?

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Service Vs. Privacy: Where Do We Draw The Line?

When is a breach of privacy not a bad thing? When it’s to serve you better of course—and when Google is the one doing it! No, that’s not a good enough reason? Well Google seems to think so. Where does the line get drawn between offering better services and invading your privacy?

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Google Cloud Storage? Get Ready For Drive!

With companies like Dropbox, iCloud and Skydrive snatching up cloud-based storage market share, I was wondering how long Google was going to sit idly by. Looks like they’re finally revving up to launch Google Drive soon. It’s about time!

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Deleting A Facebook Photo—That’s What You Think…

We’ve all had some embarrassing photos posted to Facebook (or had them posted by others). If caught quickly enough and deleted, everything is good, right? Wrong. The photos are still there and can be accessed through the original direct URL links. Facebook has known about this for three years. Oops?

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