Facebook Puts Mobile First…Finally!

Facebook Clutter Free

Oops, Facebook did it again. Only this time it’s not really an oops, it’s a well thought out facelift that’s sure to make some noise. That’s right, your news feed is changing again! Don’t groan. This isn’t another Timeline scandal. Facebook finally gets it—mobile comes first! Say goodbye to clutter and hello to bright, beautiful stories.

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Apple, What Are You Doing?!

What Are You Doing Apple?

It’s no secret I’m a devout Apple fanboy. I love my iOS devices and share unpopular reponses when asked about BlackBerry and Android alternatives. As the mobile madness wars continue to heat up, my question is—why is everything going crazy?

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The Desktop Is Not Going Anywhere

There’s been a lot of talk lately about mobile computing. Yes, it’s a trend, it’s real and it’s taking the world by storm. Reports make it sound like once you go mobile, you never go back. Not true. Some of us can’t just unplug—and some of us won’t.

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3%…2%…1%…Powering Down. Uh, Now What?

You know that feeling when you’ve left home only to realize you don’t have your cell phone with you? Or when you’re out doing errands, watching your battery life slowly drain away down to zero percent. Ya that one. You aren’t crazy. It’s Nomophobia (no-mobile-phobia) and you’re not alone.

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RIM To Share Its Network With iPhone & Android

If you can’t beat them, join them. Or at the very least let them join you. That’s the word coming from Research In Motion today as it announced BlackBerry Mobile Fusion—a service coming this March that will allow iPhones and other mobile devices access the BlackBerry network. Yay?

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Mobile Madness Heats Up

It’s been another big week in the mobile world. Google shines with a new flagship phone, Apple falls short in sales and RIM misses the mark on everything from service outage compensation to new devices. Mobile is going to be big in 2012. The battle is just starting to heat up. This is only the beginning.

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